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I-Flyer BirdSong Scanning Wand - Bird Calls At Your Fingertips -- Identify birds by their calls whether you're at home or on a bird-watching expedition. This wand includes barcode labels for 206 bird songs and 10 frog calls. Simply wave the wand over the barcode, press a button, and listen to a high-quality digital recording of a bird's song. The song code labels can be added to the pages of your favorite field guides and bird watching books, so you can match the call with the beak. -- The portable wand is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. It includes a 54 page ScanBook with labels, a carrying case, built-in speaker, holster with belt loop, and two AAA batteries (required).

Feature I-Flyer BirdSong Scanning Wand

  • SongCode Labels can be added to field guides and bird books.
  • A bird watchers delight!
  • A very useful tool for teaching about birds.
  • iFlyer puts 216 bird and frog songs at your fingertips and is portable and perfect for bird walks.
  • Simply press a button, scan a barcode, and iFlyer plays a high-quality digital recording of a Bird's song.

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Well constructed useful and entertaining . I was bouncing back and forth between ordering this and the Identiflyer as a gift for my husband. I liked the idea of this product better (Identiflyer has individual cards (averaging $10 a piece} and you have to buy the case seperately as well, so that can really add up), but was unsure because the Iflyer had no reviews. I went to REI and was able to try it out before buying it. The primary carrying case is well constructed, and the wand is sturdy (it also has a seperate belt loop pouch). The book has a fairly good selection of birds (there is also a slot in the wand for updates if/when they are released and designated spaces for them in the case). The additional scan labels are a wonderful idea. We are planning to put the them in our regular bird book.
We are both very happy with the purchase and have identified a woodpecker (downy) we were unsure of that resides in our yard and have managed to inadvertently entertain squirrels, confuse our neighbors and rile up our dogs.
I-Flyer BirdSong Scanning Wand Reviews
Great concept . Great concept and works well. Main criticism is that the bird calls in the book are too weighted towards the obscure ones that you don't hear as often. It needs a greater volume of common birds and/or different calls of each bird. To be fair, it does contain calls of cardinals, sparrows, bluejays, robins and some of the other common birds.
I-Flyer BirdSong Scanning Wand Opinions
Bird song . Gift for my wife, a park ranger who leads nature and science tours. She sees the scanning wand as a useful tool in teaching visitors about birds. Ties bird pictures with songs in compact package.
Let's go birding finally! . After countless days of research on the web, I decided to purchase this product to help in my "beginners" role of birdwatching. I couldn't wait to receive it, so once the package came, I eagerly began opening it - quite a process, as it was tucked inside multiple different boxes & a plastic bag before I got to the carrying case it comes in. Once there, I found the directions vague, especially for actually using the wand. For the 1st few days I was extremely disappointed in the "randomness" of the playback. The directions don't give you any clue about how to scan the various barcodes for successful playback. Just before I was ready to return this "defective" product I tried speeding up the actual scanning of the barcodes, which is what (apparently) you are supposed to do; just like at the supermarket scanning groceries, it should be swiped quickly over the the birdcall you want to hear. Voila! now I am happy with the iFlyer scanning wand & have scanned the entire book to make sure all the calls work, which they do. The extra pages of barcodes will be placed in my state bird "bible" to allow me to easily identify local populations & migrants using our state airways. Why don't instructions clearly state how to use products anymore?
Seems great . I gave this as a gift to my mother, she seems to really enjoy it.
Best bird song device ever . We used this device to call in birds to our backyard. It is easy to use and set up. My neighbors have all bought one when they saw ours.
Xmas . Purchased as a Christmas Gift so not much sense in making out a review and that is why I rated it 5*

Cons Review
Does not Work Consistently . I purchased the I-Flyer wand as a teaching tool. It is very difficult for children to use and does not work consistently. Also, the scanning labels wear out after a few uses and the wand will not work.

A good purchase for personal use, but not good as a teaching tool for nature centers, teachers, or scout leadrs.

Product Details

EAN : 0677529004019
UPC : 677529004019
MPN : IW01
Brand : iflyer
Weight : 2 pounds
Height : 3 inches
Length : 10 inches
Width : 7 inches
Binding : Toy
Manufacturer : iflyer
Model : IW01
Publisher : iflyer
SKU : 3151804
Studio : iflyer

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